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Metal Art

Metal Art is described as Cowboy & Western, Native American, Southwestern, or Lodge & Cabin silhouettes that are cut out of steel.  Although other types of metals are sometimes used, steel is preferred because of it's durability and it is more affordable than aluminum, titanium, or copper. 
Metal Art can be cut out by hand or by a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine.  CNC cutting is capable of doing a fantastic job on the quality.  Don't worry, it still takes a good old artist to come up with all the cool designs and artwork.  As computer equipment gets cheaper and more powerful, so do these CNC machines and the software used to cut the Metal Art.  This allows the savings to be passed on to you, our customer!
Metal Art can be cut by a laser, waterjet, plasma torch, or oxy-acetylene torch.  Each works a little different, but all are capable of producing Metal Art.  However, some processes are much higher quality than others.  So just keep in mind that like most everything else, you get what you pay for.  We put a lot of pride into our quality control to ensure only the greatest of quality products ever leave our manufacturing facility to go to hands of our customers.  
There are many types of finishes that can be applied to Metal Art.  We prefer our rainbow finish as seen on most of our work.  However, we can leave it unfinished or paint it black at no extra charge.  Metal Art is a wonderful gift and lasts a lifetime.  It's durable, strong and beautiful.  Thanks a lot for stopping by and happy shopping!
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